Transforming Contact Centers with AI

With increasing pressure to provide the ultimate customer experience, Artificial Intelligence may be the solution needed. With expectations constantly increasing, the customer support function becomes an integral part of the journey for disruptions today and in the future.

BCS Technology’s AI powered Contact Center Solution can be easily integrated into existing technology and offers a vast global network to help with development, deployment, consulting, support, training, and more.


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Become the provider of choice as you take advantage of the combined power of Conversational AI and real-time insights, unparalled to any service provider today.

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Speech Analytics

Historical transactions of a customer are used to create simple algorithms using a mix of semantics, phonetic expertise, machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and statistical modelling, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities. Ie. Turning a negative experience into a good one using the data you have on hand

Predictive Processing

Meet customer needs just by using the tone of voice of a customer (ie. Knowing when they are beginning to become impatient), identification of the customer and where they are phoning from to tailor the call and identify the problem even before the caller is connected to the agent.

Smart Automation

Build an intelligent machine that learns and processes the most up to date information to create a knowledge base that delivers accurate responses to your customers.

Voice Biometrics

Give your customers convenient and secure authentication abilities.

Advanced automation

Paired with Robotic Process Automation , streamline and speed up all of your business processes accurately and automate complex and challenging tasks, such as transcription or sorting images


Transform your customer experience
Increase engagement
Enhance self-service options
24/7 support with expanded coverage

Personalized support

Customer behavior including buying patterns and call history are used to create simple algorithms that allow the prediction of future intentions allowing for a more personalized experience. this also provides suggestions for the next best action to take to improve loyalty, retention and overall experience during interactions.

Immediate and consistent service round the clock

Virtual agents are active 24/7 and take advantage over other human agent call centers

Quick issue resolution 

History of a customer can be pulled up in a click, making it easy to resolve an issue

Increased Efficiency and Profits 

With no limit to the number of virtual agents needed to meet fluctuating demands, investment in hiring, training. and increased human agents decrease and in turn, delivers better profit margins

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Discover the power of next conversational AI:

Everything you need to build powerful solutions that can be deployed

across multiple channels and monitor for usage to improve end-user experience


Discover the range of applications for Virtual Assistants and Text

Analytics needed to create your customer and enterprise value

See How AI can automate your contact center

Banking & Finance

Quickly deploy a bank-at-home,

voice-enabled banking assistant

– a true voice-first human-like 



Enable more natural patient/

doctor interactions and improve

the accuracy and efficiency of 



Seamlessly inquire about, interact

with, and utilize the technological

capabilities within their car,

through voice

Food Delivery

Intelligent AI understands messy,

unconstrained language, delivering

a frictionless and faster drive-

through & food ordering


Travel & Aviation

Get your customers the assistance 

they need in handling flight

bookings hotel reservations,

transportation and itinerary



Unleash new efficiencies when

you implement conversational AI

and automate responses to help

your students gain the information

they need

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