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Employee Training

BCS in Training

BCS Technology strives to achieve organizational targets by cultivating the workspace environment through various training activities that mold individuals to strong team players. Through our managed training services, we are able to provide a proactive monitoring of the labour market measures, responsibilities and governance in order to diagnose areas that can be improved.

Value Proposition


BCS Training Services provides clients with trained instructors that enable teams to master new technology and become independent IT professionals with a solid set of skills.


Our support throughout the technology adoption cycle delivers preemptive measures to ensure that your team is accustomed to the new tech that will enable them to innovate business models.


BCS Technology drives success by building a strong foundation in organisations as they develop real and sustained growth geared towards a bigger, brighter future.

Managed Services

Our range of services cover end-to-end business delivery models including analyzing qualification needs, conducting pre-assessments, developing and carrying out training plans, reporting, and post-assessments.

Customized and Onsite Training

Our onsite training courses offer standard courses, a highly specialized technology training, or a workshop designed especially for your company. Our training program focuses on technology based business improvement that is critical to your company’s growth.

Course Development

We tailor courses and curricula to suit your company’s circumstances, goals and requirements as well as participants’ prior knowledge and skills. At BCS Technology, we develop courses covering key technologies with the content tailored to suit the needs of manufacturers, partners, and end-users.

We have deep capability across a wide range of leading technologies.

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We provide a full suite of consulting and technical support to shorten time to market, improve efficiency and unlock new revenue streams.

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