BCS in Cyber Security

With 20 years of expertise in Consulting and Software development, BCS has witnessed a significant shift in the threat landscape for Cyber Attacks. Recognizing the growing need of customers for secure coding practices, and governance, we have addressed this by establishing a dedicated team of in-house experts who are proficient in both offensive, and defensive security, ensuring our commitment to safeguarding our customers’ interests.

How we help our Customers

Web Application Security

Our service conducts rigorous OWASPguided testing to assess and mitigate vulnerabilities in your website or application, ensuring robust security and protection against cyber threats.

Mobile Application Security

Our Mobile Application Security Assessment meticulously identifies vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential exploits, ensuring robust security. It covers Penetration Testing, Data Security, Authentication, Authorization, and API Security, providing comprehensive protection for your mobile applications.

Secure Coding Trainings

Tailor made trainings leveraging industry experts, and best of breed tools such as CheckMarx, Veracode, and Immersive Labs. Perfect for specific development stacks, and compliance requirements.

Is your security team struggling with Detection and Response?

Speak to us about Open-AI XDR

We Craft Detections

BCS technology experts incorporate AI into the detection policy framework of platform.

Consolidate the attack surface

Single pane of glass for detections, and remediation. Reducing complexity of multiple tools.

BCS Experts monitoring 24/7

Our resources come from a rich background of defensive security, and threat hunting teams.

Our Certified Resources

Connect with our experts

We provide a full suite of consulting and technical support to secure your digital assets and improve your organization's security posture.