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BCS in Business Process Outsourcing

BCS Technology's BPO solutions aim to accomodate all business' back-office support. Our process follows a service management framework that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of the business to achieve higher flexibility, adaptability, and scalability in your business performance.

Our team of skilled professionals provide exceptional results that stem from processes, procedures, systems, technologies, and solutions founded by BCS to deliver value, and maintain a maximum level of competency.


Customer Service

Our customer care contact center is equipped to handle voice calls, live chat, email management, SMS/Text, social media, and other tools to meet your business' requirements.

Order Management and Order Processing

Increase customer satisfaction by catering to various order and delivery channels in a speedy and on-time fulfillment record. WIth our team, we guarantee a reduced occurrence of errors, generation of actionable insights, and educated decision-making.

Finance and Accounting

Our end-to-end financial and accounting BPO services focus on increasing efficiency, reducing risk and saving costs while meeting global accounting standards.

Training and Development Services

Our mananged training services, provides proactive monitoring of labour market measures, responsibilities, and governance to improve manpower performance.

IT and Network

Leveraging best practices in cutting-edge technology, our services will enable your business to develop and deploy IT solutions for different platforms including blockchain, cloud, web, and mobile.

Social, Collaborative, Digital

Leverage BPO, offshore services to ensure that
your business is built to thrive for the long run

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