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BCS in Data and Analytics Solutions

BCS Technology have a deep history in delivering leading edge analytical solutions. We design and build customized analytical solution for our customers around the world, through innovative approaches to data transformation, data analysis, and the application of leading machine learning models.

Our team of seasoned data engineers, analysts and data scientists leverage new and emerging technology to provide customized solutions focused on increasing revenue, reducing costs and enhancing informed business decisions.

NEW! Re-imagine product development and customer insights with BCS Online Rating Reviews Analytics.

BCS source online rating and review data from key ecommerce e-tailers. We utilise leading data engineering methods and techniques to prepare and enhance data sources that are then leveraged in advanced machine learning models. Understanding your customer and competitors performance drivers will increase sales through maximising product innovation opportunities and enhanced targeted brand comms.

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Actionable Insights with Speech and Text Analysis

Analyse, extract, organise and uncover patterns and valuable insights through a multitude of platforms at scale.

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Transforming Businesses through Data and Analytics

Big Data

Store and analyse data from multiple internal and external sources allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

BI & Data Visualisation

Build dashboards that generate reports that give valuable insights to your business.

Advanced Analytics

Utilise prediction and forecasting algorithms to determine the factors that contribute to the success and failure of future outcomes.

POC Prototype

Design proof-of-concept prototypes for Big Data Storage and Sandbox for Data Science.

Platform Implementation

Deploy and integrate Big Data, Reporting and Data Science platforms or tools on premise or on cloud, to a production-grade implementation that ensures high performance and security.

Platform Administration

Our Data Administration team can manage your Big Data infrastructure 24/7 allowing you to focus on actions rather than administration.

Data Science on Demand

Data analytics to be readily availble and utilized at any given point in time to improve efficiency and minimize down time.

Ecommerce Analytics

Discover Data and Analytics in the Education Industry

Learn how we’ve helped Victoria University in achieving their goals through data and analytics

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We provide a full suite of consulting and technical support to shorten time to market, improve efficiency and unlock new revenue streams.