With rapidly evolving technologies, businesses are striving to fill the growing lacuna in the customer reach by embracing their digital presence. In the highly competitive business sectors such as airline industries, companies struggle to retain customer interest, businesses are driving their IT infrastructures towards Big data analytics to derive customer insights.

ISSAC is one of the cutting edge solution that is an add-on in 360 degree view of the customer, business and services and help customers approach in more easy and convenient way to the business.

ISAAC Chart Image

High Level solution

ISAAC is engineered and developed by BCS Technology, it is developed for airline industry to showcase its depth of features. ISAAC can be implemented to any industry with little effort. ISAAC uses natural language processing (NLP) framework to talk to the customers and provide seamless service without human intervention. All the chat transcripts are streamed to Cloudera enterprise data hub through KAFKA broker and stored in HDFS, ISAAC offers integrated high end analytics solutions on the customers’ chat data precisely using modern big data analytics technologies.

Solution Image
Solution Image

Modern dashboard analytics such as Tableau, Power BI and other popular tools can easily access this data for operational reporting or high level insights. BCS’s ISAAC can be integrated to popular social media messenger platforms and provide raft of services to the customers, for instance in this case, such as searching cheap flights, booking airline tickets, get weather data etc.

Solution Details

ISAAC automated companion is developed on the Microsoft Azure Bot framework LUIS and Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub. All the customer interactions with the chat bot are sent to KAFKA broker. Spark streaming is used to receive this data and store in multiple JSON files in HDFS, this data is consumed for analytics and also for retraining the bot. A range of airlilne domain specific intentions are added to ISAAC, it helps ISAAC to understand customer’s plain spoken english and provide appropirate services requested by customer.


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