Improve app scalability, adaptability, maintainability and performance through the modernisation of your applications

Azure Training Guide
With the vast pace in technology, companies are looking for new strategies to transform their business rapidly, putting greater demands on the efficiency and effectivity of applications.

As companies innovate their business processes to keep up with the development brought by digital transformation, many have already started to harness the power of cloud and challenge born-in-the-cloud companies.

5 Signs you need to modernise your apps:
  1. Apps are slow, unresponsive or down
  2. Difficult to manage and maintain
  3. Inability to Scale
  4. Complex architecture that makes it difficult to add new features
  5. Costly

For leaders such as yourself, an importance is placed on how quickly you can innovate with limited disruption. In this new digital era, take the initiative to challenge traditional operations, take on a modern application delivery strategy and champion the cloud's best practices.

The next question is, where and how will you begin?

BCS Technology is a Gold Microsoft Partner, implementing cloud-based solutions on Azure. We have a wide array of expertise in cloud adoption and app modernisation, giving you the power to build and deploy on any platform, using the tools, applications and frameworks of your choice.
To make your cloud adoption easier, we are giving away up to $2,500 worth of Azure credits to the first 10 clients to sign up! Contact us today to learn more.


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